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from stone.


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Dominic Benhura

Born in 1968, Dominic Benhura is in a league of his own. He began his career in carving at the age of ten when he studied under his cousin, Tapfuma Gusta, a master sculptor. After selling his first piece professionally to an architect at the age of twelve, Dominic has continued to excel as an artist at an exponential rate and has become one of the most renowned artists to ever emerge from Zimbabwe.

David White

David White is an up-and-coming sculptor in Zimbabwe. Born in 1987, he began sculpting in 2006 when he moved from Chiweshe to the capital of Harare. In a country of many famous sculptors, David did not grow up in the presence of relatives who were renowned sculptors, which is the case for some artists. He attended primary school at Gunguwo in his northeastern rural home, a part of the country abundant with serpentine.

Gregory Mutasa

Born in 1959 in Rusape, Zimbabwe, Gregory Mutasa’s graceful sculptures of the female form are instantly recognizable and quite sought after by collectors worldwide.

Lovemore Bonjisi

Lovemore Bonjisi was born in 1985 in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, and is the youngest in the Bonjisi family of talented stone sculptors. His work is dynamic and fluid, coupled with sharp angles and smooth long necks with lifelike faces.

Bywell Sango

Bywell Sango was born in Guruve in 1979. He is the younger brother of the late Brighton Sango, who influenced him to begin sculpting at an early age. He developed a style that is largely characterized by abstracts.

Lenard Sezhendo

Lenard Sezhendo is one of Zimbabwe’s most dedicated sculptors, living and working in a rural area outside of Harare. He displays a high degree of integrity by successfully creating his own unique style, working entirely by hand, unrestricted by externally imposed ideas of what his “art” should be.

Royal Katiyo

Royal Katiyo was born in 1972 in Murehwa in eastern Zimbabwe. He started sculpturing as a schoolboy, when established artist Luke Mugavazi spotted his potential and appointed him as his apprentice. After several years, Royal left the Mugavazi family to work with Anderson Mukomberanwa, son of the inspirational Nicholas Mukomberanwa another established artist. He specializes in representing Quail birds in their everyday movements.

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Unique pieces by Shona Collective artists grace not only the homes of esteemed global art collectors, but also the halls and gardens of hotels, royal palaces, international organizations, and airports.